The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

whose victory? bri's victory!

Your question answered, Brian. Once again caught in the eyes of the prying photojournalists. No wonder you detest them so.

All you need is love.

Update from Brian: Heh, and again I get pwned. I'll get you "Hey! Roost!" if it's the last thing that I doooooooo!



#1 Sonjay Dutt 02-Oct-2007
My what strong hands he has.
#2 Rooster 02-Oct-2007
LOL! The better question is where are Brian's?
#3 specialkayel 03-Oct-2007
ROTFL!! I knew he had no chance against a graphic design artist (hence my prediction a couple days ago Rooster). Time to give up bro - Rooster has pwn3d you 7 ways from Sunday.
#4 Rooster 03-Oct-2007
LOL! I agree with K-Led.
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