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If our little Jihadi website doesn't catch on soon, I'm going to start rotating your suggestions through their little world. In order to do that, I need to hear from you, so if you have any ideas, be sure to send 'em in!

Act now, while supplies last!

Ha! Looks like another hotlinkin' fool got what he deserved.

Hey, come back here with my bandwidth!
I love it when websites assume that they're free to link to any image they find in Google Image Search. I especially love it when the website in question is run by America-bashing terror supporters. (Will they ever learn?)

So, upon reviewing my access logs, imagine my delight to discover that someone's been swiping my bandwidth? Some website called "SwaraMuslim" has written a bunch of stuff that is in a language I can't identify offhand. [Ed.:—Someone smarter than myself wrote to inform me that this is Indonesian. Which explains why Babelfish can't do anything with it.]

Now, I'm not all that smart, but from what I can glean from this article, it would appear that they're saying that Norm Podhoretz is trying to convince George W. "Chimpy McHalliburton" Bush to bomb Iran, and that the People's Islamic Army would crush us, naturally.

In fact, upon closer inspection, am I seeing what I think this is? It would appear to be a translation of a Seymour Hersh article!

Pwn, Pwned, Pwn-dizzled!

Anyone who quotes Hersh is jonesing for it.Here's what it looked like before, with the pilfered image embedded in some kind of scrolling animation halfway down the page (this image):

Hey, look! It's Nasrallah-Bib-Guy!

(Click to zoom)

And here's what it looks like now (that image). I sure hope they like my surprise!

These are the rules: Learn 'em and live 'em.

(Click to zoom)

Hey y'all over at Consider this an object lesson on the evils of hotlinking for ya.

Update: 3-Oct-2007 08:08 EST: Morning, all! Looks like the graphic is still up on their website—Nice!

Update: 13:03 EST: I've been in meetings all morning, but it would seem that our graphic is still on the website. Jose, I think you're right:—It's time for a little bit of "change." (Stay tuned: I'll have more on that shortly.)

Wow, the Weekly Standard? Now that's cool! (Be sure to check back in a little bit, guys. There might be a "sequel" shortly.)

Update: 13:38 EST: This is what I've come up with for now. Thanks to Rooster for the photo-chop. Hopefully, it's as entertaining as the first one, but you know, if it's not—I'm always open to suggestions. Other than Goatse, Tubgirl, or Lemonparty, that is.

Here's what the site looks like now:

Subtlety is novelty.

(Not sure what happened, but the website was down for a little bit. Don't worry, we're not pwned.)

Now, what's this I hear about y'all not liking my second attempt? Maybe this one would be better?

Can you hear us now?

(Don't forget to send in your ideas, or post them down in the comments section. I'm always open to better ideas!)

Update: At 17:24 EST, the site is still showing our graphic. If you have any ideas, send 'em for me—that space will be available for "rent" soon (for $0, of course).

Update: Still going strong at 18:40 EST. What the heck, I don't think I can be any more clear than this one (hope it's to your liking, Madge!):

"I want YOU... to stop being morons!"

I'm loving the reader suggestions down in the comments section, btw! If these guys don't clue in soon, I'll be putting your pics in rotation!


Update: It's still up on 4 Oct, so I'm going to start rotating in your suggestions. First up, this little gem, courtesy of reader sickboy:

This is a touching story... of a man, and his fatwa.

Update: Looks like they're not paying attention. Here is a real beaut, courtesy of Ed Gruberman:

When in doubt, bring in the muscle. Oh, and never forget the free advertising.

Update: Ack! Credit for that last one should have gone to DJM. My apologies for that WebSense-related mixup, DJM! Please accept the following pwn as my token of apology for my grave mistake (and thanks to all of you who suggested the Mohammed cartoons for this one!):

"A Crusade a day keeps the savages away."



#1 shevek 02-Oct-2007
Most excellent! Update, please- wonder how long it will be until they discover your fine pic of bombhat momohead.
#2 zoidberg 02-Oct-2007
Maybe a bit of goatse or lemonparty action would have been a nice background instead of plain white :)
#3 Just Some Poor Schmuck 02-Oct-2007
Excellent! I had someone hotlinking to my site a while back. I used a picture of the famous Harvard snow penis to convince him not to do that anymore.

Your's is great
#4 winston 02-Oct-2007
Nice find!
#5 DJ 02-Oct-2007
Awesome! These fools think they are taking our kindness for a weakness. Good work - love the substitute image!
#6 Barb. 02-Oct-2007
So sweet, Brian. Git 'er done! Ha Ha Ha
#7 Bill Jenkins 02-Oct-2007
Haha.. No, not lemonparty. TUBGIRL is what they deserve.
#8 DJ 02-Oct-2007
You can stop "hot-linking" in your hosting company's control panel. Just look for the option: "Hotlink Protection". ;)
#9 Brian C. Ledbetter 02-Oct-2007
Zoidberg#2: LOL, yeah, but that wouldn't be [i]classy[/i]. And they'd probably notice it a heckuva lot faster!

DJ#8: Why would I want to do something like [i]that?[/i] That takes all the fun out of it!

At present (23:10 EDT), it's still there. I'm hoping they accidentally not notice it for a day or two. ;)

Hope y'all get a good kick out of it, at least!

#10 Le_Patriot 02-Oct-2007
Love your website! I bookmarked it.
The mo/bombhead cartoon is great.
#11 spynverzyon 02-Oct-2007
Epic! and still there. The screenshot is one for the ages.
#12 Brian C. Ledbetter 02-Oct-2007

Thanks for reminding me: I forgot to mention that the BomberGuy™ cartoon that I tend to use came from Zombie's Mohammed Image Archive. It seems that there was a bobblehead available of the same cartoon at some point in time, but sadly, the website is now defunct.

#13 Laine 02-Oct-2007
Wonderful response to a thief and propagandist. However, it is depressing that Islamists and other totalitarians don't have to write their own lies anymore but are fed them for free by the traitorous and stupid fifth column in the USA (e.g. Hersh, NYT etc.) Tokyo Rose and Axis Sally would be put out of business these days, with their jobs outsourced to the American Left.
#14 ken 02-Oct-2007
Hey, goatse is PERFECT. Course it might make them horny.
#15 Great Cthulhu 02-Oct-2007
I woulda linked this to them :
#16 Jblast 03-Oct-2007
He he he. I realy like the way it looks on their site. Good job!

It's my first time here and I'm impressed. Any reason why rss isn't working?
#17 Curmudgeon Geographer 03-Oct-2007
Most excellent. I checked the article in mention and the substituted graphic above is still in the crawling line of pictures as of this moment. Put a smile on my face.
#18 tw 03-Oct-2007
Bwahahahahahah! Lil jihadis bin laden internet time out.
Way to go!
#19 tolar 03-Oct-2007
Too ill...props!!!

And man, how did you resist putting up something EXTREMELY blasphemous, vulgar or offensive? Like "Pig-Mo the Kiddy-diddler" or "Islam=Murder" or "Mo Hamhead can suck my co...y'git the idea.
#20 bekel 03-Oct-2007
Came here from LGF. Too cool! It'll be neat to see how long the image will stay on their site...
#21 texmex 03-Oct-2007
It's still there at 6am CST, 10-03-07
#22 BabbaZee 03-Oct-2007

I see LGF linked to you, Mazel Tov.

Can you make their link go to this?

#23 DJM 03-Oct-2007
Good job! I had to share this.

Your image is still there as of this AM.

Keep up the great work!
#24 Brian C. Ledbetter 03-Oct-2007
Thanks for the kind words, all! :)

Babazee: you are one [i]bad dude[/i]! I don't know where you found that, but I'm still chuckling at it!

Jblast: ACK! I definitely messed my RSS up something fierce trying to migrate over to FeedBurner. Try again now (check out that giant, goofy orange icon on the left) and see if it works better for you. Sorry for the trouble!

#25 jonsey 03-Oct-2007
I would have just used goatse. Much more effective against dark ages religious zealots.
#26 BabbaZee 03-Oct-2007

I am a dudette!

I got a million of 'em....
#27 Kerfuffle 03-Oct-2007
Well played sir! Masterful job.

P.S. Beware {Babba Zee}'s zionist hair rays!
#28 Daniel 03-Oct-2007
Brilliant! I have also checked the site, and the image is still there.
#29 BabbaZee 03-Oct-2007

Working on a post right now
pray I get through it!
Here's a clip, this MFer has more tentacles than the octopus house at the aquarium:

Who is Prince El Hassan Bin Talal, and why should you care?

Prince Hassan insisted that Muslim people have a fundamental right to govern themselves according to their beliefs and heritage. He acknowledged that varying interpretations of Islam exist in the Muslim world
and that this can be problematic. He stressed that the shari‘a should not be treated as a kind of “infectious disease,” simply because it does not conform to Western views of governance. He added that despite European claims of rejecting a theocracy, the existence of the Vatican demonstrates that, even in the West, secularism is not absolute.

Report of the Dialogues: Islamic World –U.S.–The West Workshop Organized in Amman, Jordan, March 6–8, 2004

Funded by Carnegie Corporation, the MacArthur Foundation,
Majlis El Hassan, and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund
#30 spynverzyon 03-Oct-2007
Still scrolling relentlessly by like the Energizer Bunny as of 7:37 a.m. Mountain Time, USA. If they don't notice pretty soon, you'll have to start rotating pics for variety.
#31 Steve Bensen 03-Oct-2007
#26 jonesy

You actaully keep a copy of that image around?

Gross! Do you admire it often?
#32 dave 03-Oct-2007
I use the below. not subtle, but surprisingly effective.
#33 T.Ferg 03-Oct-2007
Well done Jedi Knight.
#34 Mike Trivisonno 03-Oct-2007
All I have to say is "minggu-minggu"
#35 Anonymous 03-Oct-2007
No, Ive dealt with hotlinkers on my webserver that I run from home to serve images for forums, etc,before. Goatse is surprisingly effective at stopping them in their tracks.
#36 Jose 03-Oct-2007
Lets change the picture I've seen it 73 times already.
#37 Scott 03-Oct-2007
I love the pics of the T-55's to the right of it. cause that sure screams military might! built in 1958 - we're gonna kick Zionist a**! and the guy underneath "hip shooting" the MG... cause that cries out "accurate"
#38 uptight 03-Oct-2007
You could totally hog that scrolling window by making an image that is the right height, but several thousand pixels wide.

Then fill it with Mohammed cartoons, lemonparty, tubgirl, pictures of Ahmadinejad in a pink cocktail skirt etc.
#39 Sonjay Dutt 03-Oct-2007
Well done sir. My people are quite upset but they'll get over it.

#40 Rooster 03-Oct-2007
LOL! Your Muslim mug is now on their site. I would never have imagined! LOL!
#41 ATNorth 03-Oct-2007
Very American of you! I liked the first image better.

Best regards
#42 Howie 03-Oct-2007
I think you should put up some uncovered meat.
#43 Rooster 03-Oct-2007
Hoo hoo hoo! Tell em fred!
#44 s2 03-Oct-2007
Very well done! I too liked the 1st image better. Much more offensive to crazed muslims!
#45 Madge 03-Oct-2007
I vote for something completely American. The Flag, definitely the Flag, or maybe hot dogs, apple pie, (don't know if they'll get that), baseball, Mt. Rushmore, Grand Canyon, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, etc.
#46 sickboy 03-Oct-2007
#47 sickboy 03-Oct-2007
#48 jcrue 03-Oct-2007
durka durka, jihad mohammed.
#49 sickboy 03-Oct-2007
#50 DJM 03-Oct-2007
Lol, #48! That's a good one!

How about:

#51 sickboy 03-Oct-2007
#52 DJM 03-Oct-2007
#53 Ed Gruberman 03-Oct-2007
Beautiful man... That's freakin' beautiful!
#54 DJM 03-Oct-2007
Lol! It looks like the Jihadis have caught on. The images are no more. But thank you, Snapped Shot, for providing us an most amusing day!
#55 Brian C. Ledbetter 03-Oct-2007

I'm still seeing my Uncle Sam graphic over there... And glad I could make your day a bit more enjoyable! I hope to get back on Snapped Shot's regular fare tomorrow -- and I just KNOW that Rooster's just DYING to post another photoshop, which will probably involve me and a camel of some sort...


#56 PROUD INFIDEL 03-Oct-2007


#57 bekel 03-Oct-2007
The scrolling slideshow is still there, but they've taken out the hotlinked pic from snapshot.

The others are still hotlinked.

If you're seeing a white area, the slideshow takes a little bit to load.
#58 Rorschach 03-Oct-2007
I have no pic, but I certainly have the slogan, courtesy of FrankJ at IMAO

"We must make our enemies know that Allah is not nearly powerful enough to protect them from our wrath."
#59 Drogheda 04-Oct-2007
Sorry to tromp on your right margin but how about this little number I made a while back featuring Islamic Rage Boy?

#60 Joey 04-Oct-2007
don't forget a nice shot of MEATSPIN for them to freak out about.
#61 Jose 04-Oct-2007
I like them all. Lets rotate the photos once or twice a minute.
#62 Jose 04-Oct-2007
Looks like they got wind of it. Too bad. DJ, it would be good to setup a bait site with picks of mules 72 or 73 virgins and also the revolutionary guard, etc... Lets see if we get fresh fish, or, a new pig to bite.
#63 BabbaZee 04-Oct-2007
Oh mah Lawd this is hysterical
Brian e-mail me I have a MILLION images
#64 DJM 04-Oct-2007
Next time, you could make an animated .gif that rotates all the images every few seconds. :D
#65 Brian C. Ledbetter 04-Oct-2007

Your Salman Rushdie had me LMAO, so [i]you[/i] have been chosen to be the first reader-contributed pwn!

Congratulations! :)

#66 sickboy 04-Oct-2007
You're kidding. Now I'm famous.

The Weekly Standard and LGF linked to you with this one. Keep up the good work.
#67 Sonjay Dutt 04-Oct-2007
I'm picturing the 300 movie with Rage Boy yelling 'This is Allah!'

No time to photoshop rightnow, sorry!
#68 Jose 04-Oct-2007
Lets have Salman Rushdie quoted in Arabic or that funky language. We can call it the Dynamic Verses as a rotation of the must offensive quotes are loaded and presented for their reading.
#69 sickboy 04-Oct-2007
Jose- Here you go.
#70 sickboy 04-Oct-2007
And the Indonesian version:
#71 Brian C. Ledbetter 04-Oct-2007

I'm not even gonna ask how you knew both of those offhand... ;)

IF you combine all three into one photo, I'd be delighted to make that the [i]next[/i] pwn.


#72 Sonjay Dutt 05-Oct-2007
#73 sickboy 05-Oct-2007
#74 sickboy 05-Oct-2007
lol from

#75 Ed Gruberman 05-Oct-2007
Snapped Shot was having it’s bandwidth stolen from a Jihadi anti-American scumbag website from a stolen image off of Google Images. So he substituted the image for a Mohammad cartoon mocking them. After a few hours they hadn’t noticed so he...
#76 DJM 09-Oct-2007
Dude, I offered the "Bring Em On, Allah" picture. Check my comment above (#52).

Mistakes happen. I didn't expect credit, but it is not cool for someone else to accept it instead.
#77 Brian C. Ledbetter 09-Oct-2007
Holy crap, DJM, my sincerest apologies about that! The firewall at work here blocks access to PhotoBucket, so when I read your comment, the only thing I saw was the proverbial Apple Blue Question-mark:

I'm going to change the graphic to reflect YOUR credit and let it hang out there for a while—though if you don't mind, I'll use a "slightly" different graphic, which is just [i]bound[/i] to get more attention.

Again, my apologies for the mix-up! It was totally my fault!

Most Respectfully,
#78 DJM 09-Oct-2007
That's cool! Thank you for taking care of it so quickly.

Keep up the great work! :)
#79 Brian C. Ledbetter 09-Oct-2007
DJM, real quick: Can you write the arabic for "Al Salibiyyah," by any chance? If so, just slap it in the comments form here and hit Submit. :)

#80 DJM 09-Oct-2007
Lol, no I can't.

In fact, if you figure it out, I would greatly appreciate a copy.
#81 Brian C. Ledbetter 09-Oct-2007
According to Apple's QWERTY input mode for Arabic, the text is:

ال ساليبيطاح

No idea if this is accurate or not, of course. You may want to try asking Jeha if he can give you a hand—he'd know the answer for sure!

#82 DJM 09-Oct-2007
Sweet! Thank you so much! I have been looking all over for it. :)
#83 DJM 09-Oct-2007
Excellent job! I've added to my blogspot.

#84 DJM 10-Oct-2007
#85 DJM 10-Oct-2007

#86 DJM 23-Oct-2007
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