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Save That Date!

Word has it (from Iranian blogger Kamangir) that Iran is already ramping up for this Friday's Al-Quds Day celebrations orchestrated raging. If you're not familiar with it, let me just say this: It is usually priceless.

The "holiday" was created by the Ayatollah Khohemeni back in the '80s, and is designated literally as a day on which Muslims should pour out their rage at the West, specifically America and Israel. If you ever hear anyone tell you that it's a "day of celebration" of Jerusalem, like I used to think, smack them around with a dead trout or two.

Anyway, I'll be bringing you coverage from the wires as soon as it starts, so be sure to check in tomorrow! If you want to see what this America-hating mess is going to look like, here's a little sneak preview:

"My husband lets me out of house one day a year, so I'm going to make this a good one!"

This is a test. Is this text less readable than below?

This is a test. Is this text more readable than above?



#1 Jane 04-Oct-2007
Yes the bottom text seems more readable. Did I pass the test? Or is it some kind of devious zionist optical illusion?
#2 captainfish 04-Oct-2007
Yeah, I win. I can read it.
#3 Macrina 05-Oct-2007
Yes - more readable.

You are very funny. I like your spirit. ;)
#4 Brian C. Ledbetter 05-Oct-2007
Dang, my SUPER-SECRET Zionist code has been broken!! :)

Thanks for the help, guys. I'm trying to make the site a little bit more readable (for those who have complained about reading gray-on-black text), and am experimenting with fonts and the like. Hopefully, I'll have everything all squared away soon!

#5 Brian C. Ledbetter 05-Oct-2007
Oh, I forgot -- I'm very glad to hear that you enjoy the site, Macrina! :)

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