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"Overwhelmingly" Singling Out Criminals

From the "it could happen in Virginia" department:

Workers at Oregon's Driver and Motor Vehicle Services have turned in nearly 200 people to police for suspicious documentation, an effort that overwhelmingly singled out Latinos.

This summer, the DMV changed a long-standing policy: Rather than simply refuse service to customers suspected of presenting phony or altered documents to obtain licenses or identification, employees began to alert police.

From June through August, 140 people were turned in to police -- roughly 94 percent of them with Latino names, according to DMV records obtained by The Oregonian.

"We don't need no steenkin' badges. Except when we do need 'em."
Question for ya: If Latinos commit "roughly 94 percent" of the document fraud encountered by the DMV, due to their—shall we say, "slightly undocumented?"—status, does it really count as "singling" them out?

What about the fact that Whites commit on the order of 70 percent of all "white collar" crime? Does that mean that attempts to crack down on our "crime-spree" are "singling" us out?

Personally, I suspect that the Latinos involved, due to their continued violation of American law, have "cornered the market" on documentation crimes.

This article is yet another example of the droll, completely idiotic reporting that comes from our disgustingly-P.C. newsrooms.



#1 Ace of Spades HQ 08-Oct-2007
I can't think of any other reason to explain this....
#2 DANEgerus 09-Oct-2007
I'm a local Oregonian and wrote to the editors on this... for all the good it'll do, plus I posted a screen shot of the front page segment:

The Wh-Oregonian

Dear Sirs,

There is very little reason for citizens to engage in ID fraud, beyond larceny, so out of Oregon's 3 million residents you should expect only a very few to engage in such crime and in fact very few do so. But for illegal aliens, the overwhelming majority of whom come from across our southern border, there is a universal requirement for fraudulent ID.

The fact that Latin America is impoverished is not the fault of the United States tax-payer yet the Oregonian provides Esmeralda Bermudez a forum to suggest that the demographic, that common sense dictates would participate in ID fraud, should be excused because they are of that demographic.

The bullet points in this article are misrepresentative to the point of being propagandist.

Esmeralda Bermudez is calling all of us racists when it is Esmeralda Bermudez herself that is advocating for a race-based preferential excuse for "Latinos". They are not victims of racial-profiling as she implies but are simply the demographic that has to commit ID fraud.

The real victims of ID fraud are those whose ID is stolen by those very "Latinos" Esmeralda Bermudez would have us excuse and our entire society at large is victimized as it's tax-payer funded benefits are stolen by people with no legal right to be here.

The real "news" story is that a paltry 140 have been identified when there are estimated to be over 100,000 illegal aliens in Oregon. Recently the DMV was exposed as allowing an ex-employee to hand out 80,000 fraudulent Oregon drivers licenses. How many of those have been recovered? How many of those have been used to take benefits paid for by Oregon tax-payers? How many of those have voted?

I support legal immigration and would vote to have my tax-dollars help those who need help but I don't appreciate being labeled a bigot for expecting to have a say in who gets those tax-dollars or for expecting criminals to be prevented from committing crimes.

Because it is exactly this sort of demogaugery that so alienates people who are attempting to advocate for solutions.

I noticed Esmeralda Bermudez 's contact e-mail is ****** , which suggests she is on your news staff.

This is not a news article.
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