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An American First: Reuters Fauxtography Hits California?

Rusty and An American First have brought up a photo that seems oddly reminiscent:

A doll lies in the charred rubble of a home in the Rancho Santa Fe area of San Diego, California October 23, 2007. Wildfires stoked by fierce winds burned unchecked across Southern California for a third day on Tuesday with 300,000 people in San Diego alone evacuated as flames destroyed or threatened homes from humble forest cabins to luxury villas. (Mario Anzuoni/Reuters)

Mario, how did that totally unscathed plastic doll manage to find its way into the middle of a burned-out pile of rubble, without becoming a melted lump of goo?

This is most likely much ado about nothing, but it's still amusing to see nonetheless... And it feels great to have my first chance to hit the fauxtography tag in a long time.

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#1 captainfish 25-Oct-2007

wait. I can't tell what you mean.
To me it looks just so innocent. It looks so normal to see an unblemished doll and its clothes in the midst of total fire and brimstone.

Geez Brian. Sounds like you are picking on the guy. I think you have fauxtography on the brain (hahhaaaa,, spell check does not like fauxtography).

great find brian.
#2 Rhonda Shearer 31-Oct-2007
For those interested, "pristine doll in the ruins" photographer Mario [Anzuoni]'s friends are on the attack to defend their friend. See

Our group, Art Science Research Laboratory is investigating the photo using scientific experts which I discuss in Reuters comment postings . See
We will publish our report in our media ethics blog

Also, check out the photo gallery where Mario's other photos are shown from the same series of the pristine doll. There is a second photo of the same doll with a weird cropping. There is one where the door seems to be burned in the girl's room but not the walls—which is strange. We have asked Reuters for uncropped and higher rez images of these two photos. See

If the fire damage is on the door—we don't yet know for sure—then this, according to my fire science expert, would be a second fake photo as fire can not possibly [have been] confined to only the door and [left] the walls pristine.

Another miracle?

Also what is up with the cropped doll image? See link below. If we can get our hands on this we can see if the doll remained in same position in both shots.
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