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A Prayer for the Dead

What would you think if I told you that over 300,000 Muslims were going to be dug up to make room for a new graveyard at a recently-built Christian church? What would you think about that?

Now we all know that, thanks to the spineless wussiness "tolerance" of western Christianity, the scenario I just described would never happen. The opposite, however, is the reality of the situation. (h/t FR)

And Labour continues with their policy of destroying England, one little bit at a time.

A row has erupted over a plan to dig up a third of a million bodies from an historic east London cemetery to make way for a new Muslim burial site.

Tower Hamlets council in London is considering reopening the Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park in Mile End to answer a long-running campaign for a Muslim graveyard in the area.

The park, off Bow Common Lane, was deconsecrated as a Church of England cemetery by Parliament in 1966, after being deemed full with about 350,000 bodies buried there.

It is not yet clear what the Council proposes to do with the remains, if they are ultimately removed from the graves and a new burial site built in their place.



#1 captainfish 12-Oct-2007
That would be time to take up arms. If the government would not protect our heritage, then it would be high time to force a change.

On the other hand... this happens all the time. Cemeteries are moved/relocated and the land used for tax-generating purposes. If the government can/will/are taking live people's properties, then nothing will stop them from taking the dead's property.
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