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Daily Dictator, "It Lives" Edition

Could it be? Is Fidel Castro really still alive?

According to his ardent followers in the press, he made a "live" appearance over the weekend, which is definitely spoken with the intent of fooling all of we unbelievers. The government newspaper, Juventud Rebelde, follows up with photographic evidence of this momentous occasion, which was repeated unquestionably by the Associated Press:

In this photo released by Cuba's Juventud Rebelde newspaper, Cuba's President Fidel Castro, right, reads a book accompanied by Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez during a meeting in Havana, Saturday, Oct. 13, 2007. Chavez met for more than four hours with Castro and state media on Sunday published two new official photos of the men together, but provided no new details about the ailing Cuban leader's health. (AP Photo/Juventud Rebelde)

Of course, what do we really know about "Weekend At" Fidel's latest appearance?

Well, for starters, this photograph is not the appearance itself—Castro "appeared" via telephone on Thuggo Chavez's weekly radio program, which was broadcast from Che "Dead Commie" Guevara's monument in Cuba. Seriously: Chavez went through all of the effort to fly over there, and his hero doesn't even have the courtesy to actually appear in public (notice how Thuggo's broadcasting from a stage?) on the show?

This whole scenario reeks to high heaven.

Personally, I think the photograph above is a complete fraud:—Check out the difference in lighting between Castro's whole body (not just his skin, which could be explained as his frailty), and that of Thuggo Chavez. What do you suppose the odds are that the communist archipelago still can't figure out what to do post-Castro, and as a result, keeps having to prop up the legend of Castro to keep their dictatorial ways afloat?

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