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One Man's Medical Supplies

Check out this latest oppression, as dutifully reported by Reuters:

A doctor inspects the machines inside an operation room in al-Shifa hospital in Gaza October 22, 2007. A Palestinian health official said on Sunday Gaza's main hospital would be forced to stop surgery because Israel had banned imports of anaesthetic gas, but Israel said it had not blocked medical supplies. REUTERS/Suhaib Salem (GAZA)

I'm confident that if the Israeli government says it is not blocking medical supplies, then said supplies are crossing the border into the Gaza Strip. I say this with the certainty that comes with knowing what living in an "open" democracy is like—much like the American government, the Israeli government is constantly under scrutiny, both internally and externally, so actions such as withholding supplies would most definitely have been noticed by any given NGO long before today.

So what's with the discrepancy? If these supplies are indeed crossing into Hamasistan, then why are their hospitals experiencing shortages?

Oh, that's right—the Palestinians live under a kleptocracy, a form of government in which the government actively confiscates the property of the governed—or in this case, it transfers supplies intended for the governed into other uses. "Anesthetics" include Nitrous Oxide, which can be turned into something that is of more value to Hamas than the "Palestinian" people.

One man's medical supplies are the Palestinian terrorists' narcissistic weaponry. And yet again, Golda Meir's masterful observation rings true:—The Palestinians will not know peace until they truly love their children more than they hate the Jewish people.

I'd go further to say that this will never happen until the global press stops blindly parroting their lies.


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