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Go, Hillary, Go!

This is the #1 reason why I support Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries.*

Update: Oh, the schadenfreude:

From Bryan Preston:

The problems with Blame Bush! are that a) Bush’s stance isn’t the GOP’s stance, b) Hillary herself agreed with Bush’s stance, and c) it’s unpopular with the American people. So is the Spitzer plan. Clinton and her campaign can’t answer the question satisfactorily because it requires taking a principled stand on an issue that divides Democrat interest groups, and that divides some of those groups from the majority of the American voters. Like Spitzer, Clinton may soon find herself feeling the wrath of just about everyone.

Hello, NYT Blog readers: Please notice that the above text was written by Bryan Preston over at Hot Air. I claim no credit for his brilliance, and regret that his words were attributed to me, as I'm not anywhere near his league. I've clarified the quote above, and apologize for causing such confusion.

* Spoken as an eeeeevil Republican, of course. h/t Bryan



#1 Anonymous 31-Oct-2007
Are you serious? Hil' got her ample ass handed to her last night. I bet Obama and Edwards were high-fiving backstage after the debate.
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 31-Oct-2007
(Maybe you missed the part about me being an evil Republican? If she's as "clear" on other issues as she is on this one, I'm *definitely* pulling for her!)


#3 captainfish 31-Oct-2007
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