The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Not Sure how I Feel About This

... other than being really happy about it. It's about time somebody started bringing the propaganda back to the Palestinians—This one's going in the blogroll for sure.

This is Sami Husein Afana, a virtual hero of the Palestinian terrortories. What's so special about Sami? Well, according to our "partners for peace" over in Hamas, Sami was incredibly pious towards his parents. Whatever that means, I'm not so sure, but I suspect that it means he put idols of them all over his apartment and bowed down to them constantly.

Sami had every chance in the world to become something, to be somebody. He went to school like everybody else, and was reported to have been intelligent enough to have been accepted into a university.

But alas, what does every good shaheed do with the talents that G-d gave them? This dolt decided that he wanted to end the occupation, regardless of the fact that his land wasn't occupation in January. So Sami here decided to use his G-d-given gifts to become a bombmaker.


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