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Fire Doll Photo: Reuters Responds (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Reuters has responded again. Has this issue touched a nerve with the GBU Editor? I'm pleased to see them release all the evidence at their disposal, though.

It is important to understand that accuracy and impartiality are central to our reporting, and to everything Reuters represents. We distribute approximately 1,500 pictures per day, and these pass through rigorous editorial evaluation and selection to make it onto our wire. We stand behind the authenticity and accuracy of both the original photo, and the additional images supplied.

I hate to say it, but I'm almost with Reuters on this one: The additional photographs do show quite a bit of undamaged room, in addition to piles of charred wood which, presumably, came from the roof of the house. The ball is back in ASRL's court, though—I'd love to see what their fire experts say about this additional information.


Reuters has been challenged about that pristine doll we were discussing a while back, and is fighting back with a vengeance... of sorts:

The photo is fine. We have examined the whole sequence of pictures that included this one, and there are a number of things in the house - a doorknob here, a picture frame there, etc. - that appear clean despite the serious fire damage around them: GBU Editor

Thanks to Rhonda Shearer from the Art Science Research Laboratory for bringing this to my attention, and for giving me the chance to hit the fauxtography tag once again. I definitely look forward to hearing what becomes of this investigation!

A doll lies in the charred rubble of a home in the Rancho Santa Fe area of San Diego, California October 23, 2007. Wildfires stoked by fierce winds burned unchecked across Southern California for a third day on Tuesday with 300,000 people in San Diego alone evacuated as flames destroyed or threatened homes from humble forest cabins to luxury villas. (Mario Anzuoni/Reuters)

Update: Déjà vu. Reuters really loves standing behind their controversies, don't they?

Update: Here is one of the other images Rhonda referenced. Very nicely composed, too:

A doll lies in the charred rubble of a home in the Rancho Santa Fe area of San Diego, California October 23, 2007. Towering wildfires burned out of control across Southern California for a third day on Tuesday as 500,000 people fled the San Diego area and firefighters made a desperate stand to save a mountain town ringed by flames. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni (UNITED STATES)

Also note that a personal friend of Mario Anzuoni swears that Mario would never stage a photograph—Which is duly noted, Chris. Is it possible that this was merely a very unlikely coincidence? My bet's on "no," but hey, I'm always open to suggestions.

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#1 Clayton 31-Oct-2007
It's clear that these wank stains are trying to take us for a ride again.

I propose an experiment. Lets burn down Reuters' headquarters and see how much shit is lying around completely unscathed afterwards.

If so, than they can have the benefit of the doubt.
#2 Rhonda Shearer 31-Oct-2007
What about the crop job on the second doll photo?

I asked Reuters editors to send an uncut hi rez version of this image for our investigation and all I hear are crickets so far.

So what's with the cropping of this photo? Has anyone seen such a cropped job on Reuters before? Its weird.
#3 captainfish 31-Oct-2007
That aint cropped.... it is a widescreeeeeeen camera.

see. easily explainable.
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