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Nifty... and Not So Nifty

Wow, I've been quoted by a New York Times blogger! That's pretty neat—but there's only one slight problem: The text they attributed to me was actually written by Bryan Preston over at Hot Air.

It's the thought that counts, right?

I reckon this means it's about time I put some more work into the template around here. Perhaps to make blockquotes a little more obvious?

Brian C. Ledbetter at Snapped Shot points out that her positions on immigration create a broader difficulty in running against the White House: “The problems with Blame Bush! are that a) Bush’s stance isn’t the G.O.P.’s stance, b) Hillary herself agreed with Bush’s stance, and c) it’s unpopular with the American people,” he notes. “So is the Spitzer plan. Clinton and her campaign can’t answer the question satisfactorily because it requires taking a principled stand on an issue that divides Democrat interest groups, and that divides some of those groups from the majority of the American voters. Like Spitzer, Clinton may soon find herself feeling the wrath of just about everyone.”



#1 captainfish 01-Nov-2007
Practicing your ventriloquism again?
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