The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

The Capitolist Discovers Snapped Shot

Remember that thread of congressional staffers from way back? Well, they've noticed us. Their reaction? Priceless.

Well, the at Dream Act might have been amused by us, but the folks at Snapped Shot seem less so.

Nice and timely, those congressional staffers. That article is only like 4 months old now. Heck, it even hit the #1 blog on the Right-o-sphere, so it's not like you have any 'scuse for missing it the first time around, eh?


Here's our first reaction, from a fellow "red-stater:"

My favorite comment by the pissed off Snapped Shot guy can be found after an obviously facetious caption of a picture of a smiling Ahmadinejad. Snapped Shot:

Personally, I'm hoping that was "sarcasm."

I love that he puts sarcasm in quotations. It's that foreign of a concept. BTW Snapped Shot dude, I'm a red-stater and my boss is a Republican... chill out. I'm sure you've never wanted to vent about work. We aren't machines.

Red-stater: I'm not mad at your "venting at work." I was fairly ticked off, though, at the way some of your colleagues slandered the everyday, tax-paying Americans who saved up their hard-earned money to take a summer trip to our nation's capital—You know, the people who your employers work for? The whole thread I cited just reeked of an arrogance that can only be the result of spending far too long in isolation inside the Beltway.

As for my little quotes around "sarcasm," that, along with my "chilled out" Mahmoud impersonation, was intended to poke fun at the Left's tendency to scream "Satire" whenever they're caught doing something untoward, more than anything. My silly photo of Mahmoud and its caption were obviously meant to parody that staffer's statement—and seriously, looking at what s/he originally said,I'm still not convinced that the statement being made was anything but serious. (If you're the staffer who made that remark, I welcome you to chime in down in the comments and correct me if I'm wrong.)Yeah... Arrogance like this:

By the way, to all of the asshats on these other blogs that are complaining about how we "must represent the views of our Members" with such attitude, wake up... We don't reflect anything... we are just venting our frustrations with having to be the polite front liners after listening to ill informed drivel from the minority of ill-informed often non-constituents of Members. I am sure that Members would get frustrated at your tactics (note not 'views') ... If you would just call up, politely state your case and not argue with staffers, then everyone would be happier up here.

Oh and as for the constant argument that 'we pay your salary', wake up! Its an interconnected world! If you build cars for a living, and I work on the hill for a living, and then I buy a car, then I am paying your salary. If you are a farmer, I eat and I pay for you... If you are an unemployed layabout complaining that immigrants are taking your jobs (which is a strawman), then You aren't paying jacksh^t for me, and I am paying your unemployment benefits.

How's about them apples (that you wouldn't go out on a farm and pick for $10 bucks an hour). Oh, and one final note, since we now have scarred them and can't find enough illegals to work on our nation's farms, food rots in the field and we have to rely increasingly on IMPORTED produce!

Hint: Nobody forced you to go work on Capitol Hill. If you hate it enough to need to vent so badly, then why in the devil are you still there? After all, it is an "interconnected" world, isn't it? Is it not trivial to find other work elsewhere?

Hahah! This next one definitely made me laugh—I'm the one that does teh pwning around here!

Hey Snapped Shot: I am in your tubes doing nothing. Did you get my internets? I sent it yesterday.



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