The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Wow, I'm Slow

I just noticed that Michael Weiss linked to me in a recent article over at Slate. Thanks for the link, Michael! My apologies for not noticing it sooner!

Bloggers respond to Al-Quds Day and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's call for a new Jewish state in Canada or Alaska. Also, Kim Jong-il is an "Internet expert."


Conservative Brian C. Ledbetter at Snapped Shot offers a gallery of protest photos and writes: "Notice that Al Quds Day falls on the last Friday of Ramadan, a day in which all Muslims are encouraged to go to their mosques for prayer. It is in these mosques that the 'Islamic public' is so easily whipped into a rage by their radical imams. So, in effect, this is the largest canned protest of the year."

Wow, also proud to say that I've made an appearance in the Fernley (Nevada) Leader. I guess I haven't been paying attention to Ye Olde Referrer Logs lately:

And, Collins can always change step and rewrite the ad: Brian Ledbetter, blogging at www.snapped, has suggested "Help Susan Collins tell MoveOn to Move On--to Canada. The nation will be a better place." The ad then becomes an acceptable parody, not using MoveOn's trademark, and chances are it's not only Republican maniacs who will second the thought. The New York Times, somewhat belatedly, published an article by David Herszenhorn on October 12 entitled "Liberal Base Proves Trying to Democrats."


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