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Rampant Entitlementism, Thy Name Is

... "Illegal Immigrants." Gimme, gimme, gimme—that's all I ever hear from them.



#1 captainfish 30-Oct-2007
FU*K these states.

I know that licensing is left up to the states, but this has to be a federal issue as licenses have to be accepted nation wide. There is no way that my home state of Oklahoma will accept a driver's license that says Illegal on it.. or one that is different than the main NY license. This is like giving marriage licenses to gays. They are only accepted in the state of issuance.

The feds are really screwing the pooch on this. This is a national security issue.

Question, how does an illegal get a valid passport? Isn't that one of the requirements to getting a NY driver's license? They have to have a valid Passport?!?!? Don't you have to have a valid driver's license and US birth certificate to get a passport? If the passport is valid, then can't they say they are LEGAL citizens?

Question, why even give a person who is here illegally a license to drive and remain in the US illegally. Can't the state be sued for aiding and abetting a felony? Seems to me that the people accepting these applications could be arrested for providing aid to illegal felons.

Question, if these licenses are not accepted in states bordering these FU*K states, does that mean that if an illegal is pulled over and shows them this license, they can be arrested for document forgery? They could also be deported at that point as well since they were arrested?

The Federal Government should TRULY crackdown and sanction these cities and states that are aiding and abetting these illegals helping them remain in the US despite federal laws.
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