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Waterboarding for Dummies

Or, How Not To Waterboard Friends and Influence People.

Okay, so here's a word of advice for you: If you happen to be a leftist nitwit, and you plan on staging a demonstration of the "eeevile" waterboarding technique to try and garner some sympathy from people who get their news from TV, you just might want to make it a little less obvious that the person being "waterboarded" is actually not getting any water on his face at all. Check out this still—where there is very clearly a shield in the shape of half of a 2-litre bottle of Coke underneath the towel that was placed over the "victim's" face. Jump on over to Jawa if you want to watch the full video—feel free to chime in if you think I'm wrong.

Notice the fingers curling underneath something inside of the towel?

I do think it's cute that, thanks to these "spontaneous" demonstrations, more people have been waterboarded by leftists than by all of the American intelligence services combined. You can find the rest of the stills, proving that this is genuinely fake (but hey, it's the thoughtlessness that counts!) beyond the fold.

A note of clarification: By saying "leftist nitwits," I am not implying that all leftists are nitwits—but the ones depicted in this AP report certainly are. (Sorry, Aunt B.! :) )
You can see the outline of the shield here.

The "torturer" has his hand wrapped around the shield in this frame. This is not how it normally looks when you hold a towel.


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