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Dar al-Londonistan

In an interview with the London Arabic-language newspaper al-Sharq al-Awsat, Omar Bakri Mohammed—one of the masterminds of the 7/7 bombings in Britain—exhorts Muslims living in London to not assimilate into the "ignorant" English society, and expresses his hope that someday, the British government will be overthrown, and the flag of Islam will soon fly over the Big Ben and Parliament. Bakri was deported from the country, and is currently living in Lebanon. He has repeated the same ideological hatred via the PalTalk video networking service, as previously documented by Rusty Shackleford.

As much as our intelligence services think that the roads of terrorism converge in the Middle East, I think the evidence is growing on a daily basis that it is London that is the worldwide hub of support for terrorism. Most of the charities who support Hamas, Hezbullah, Hizb ut-Tahrir al-Islami, and the other major Islamic terrorist groups all operate from London, and other than a few token arrests, nothing is done about these groups by the British Crown.

Here's part of Bakri's speech. Be sure to pay careful attention to the divisive rhetoric he employs:

Bakri elaborated that “what is called today Londonistan is actually Kufferstan, in other words the land of infidelity. [Ed:—here's the actual definition of kuffar.] I think that loyal Muslims in Britain will turn it on the day of days, with the help of Allah, into Islamastan, in other words into Dar al-Islam (Land of Islam) [Ed.:—Advocacy of Dar al-Islam is essentially Islamic world conquest as a political ideology. This is not a religious concept!], as the first Muslims did in Ethiopia and Indonesia. Then the big Islamic dream will be realized, and we will see the flag ‘there’s no god other than Allah’ flying from the Big Ben and the British parliament, with the help of Allah.”

When asked what his advice was for Muslim youths in Britain and his students who life far away, he answered: “I advise Muslim youth in general, and to my beloved students especially, not to assimilate into the ignorant British society, but at the same time not to become distant from the people. They must work to make the hearts turn to Allah, to instruct on doing good and forbidding the evil, to obey Allah and to keep away from the infidels.”

Asked whether he thought London was safe today, after the disappearance of most of the movement’s fundamentalist sheikhs, Barki answered: “The finding of the wise of Islam and the advertisers of the Islamic movement is the valve of security of Britain and not the opposite, as the naive people think.”

“Britain is not thought of as safe since it advertised the anti-terror laws in 2002. There’s no doubt that the disappearance, arrest, or expulsion of most of the scholars of Islam and its advertisers will turn Britain into an unsafe country, in danger of attacks by those who think it must be fought, due to its participation alongside the Untied States in the war of the global crusaders against Islam and Muslims.”

As a gentle aside to the British Commonwealth, you might find that capital punishment is the only effective way to stop someone who is advocating the death of your Government from spreading their ideas. Exiling these preachers of death—or even giving them the utterly laughable free room-and-board in your prison system for life—is not a sufficient solution to their insolence. I understand that this is not the most pleasant method of dealing with insurrection, but when used sparingly, it has repeatedly proven effective. Extreme? Perhaps, but as your noble ancestors demonstrated, ruthlessness is sometimes the only language that the continually hostile understand.

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