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How Not To Run A State

Public Service Announcement: If you've elected people who are so spend-happy that they "accidentally" encounter an $11 BILLION budget deficit, please don't come crying to Virginia when your cost-of-living jumps through the roof. You really ought to sit tight where you are, and suffer the consequences of your voting habits.

Seriously, we really need to start rethinking some of the "progressive" politics that have led us to have an increasingly Soviet economy. Do we as a nation really want to end up with the same inept, centrally-managed economy that destroyed Russia's productivity?

California serves as a very powerful example of how dangerous a permanent, full-time legislature truly is.



#1 soccer dad 08-Nov-2007
In the state to the north of you they managed to run up a $1.7 billion deficit - with a part time legislature!
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 08-Nov-2007
Yeah, I know—I've been following that in the Washington [i]Times[/i] lately, and laughing. Of course, Maryland uses its part-time legislature as a Full-Body Soviet, so what can you do?

I am still amused by the time legislators from western Maryland threatened to send all of the [i]non[/i]-endangered black bears that were wreaking havoc on their constituents to Annapolis in protest of the rampant "do as I say, not as I do" environmentalism employed by their eastern counterparts. What a hoot.

I dunno how you manage to stomach such a mess of a government up there... You're definitely a good candidate for moving down to the Sane Side of the Potomac. Or these days, the Rappahannock. One of these days, you should give the Old Dominion a try! ;)

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