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Ann Coulter Mad Libs

I have to admit, the entire concept is really funny:

Ann Coulter said recently that Jews like me could be "perfected" by becoming Christian. Of course she didn't express that in the most sensitive way possible. If she had said, "I could be wrong, but I personally get so much joy from the Gospels, I'd love for my Jewish friends to come to church with me one Sunday and give it a look-see," she would not be so controversial. Though she would be more annoying.

After all these years of Coultering, people still get riled up over her obvious attempts to make us mad. Which makes me horribly jealous. Just how easy is it for Coulter to offend someone? Would any words from her mouth do the trick? To test this theory, I developed the Ann Coulter Mad Libs.™

Coulter -- never publicity shy -- quickly replied to my e-mail request for adjectives, verbs and European cities. She also gave the essay below that little something extra that only she can provide. (For "male Democrat" she filled in "Hillary Clinton," for instance.) Still, the experiment worked. I expect to see these quotes taken out of context on "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" tonight.

You'll have to click through to read the resulting essay, of course. It's well worth it!


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