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Minor Bun Engine Made Benny Lava

When a slow Friday throws you a curveball, I've found it's always best to toss it on over to Bollywood. The (fake) translations are what make this video truly memorable. [Ed.:—Well, other than the music that will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day, that is.]

[Slight language warning for some of the "fake but accurate" translations.]

Absolutely Hilarious Indian Music Video - Watch more free videos

Your pundit got armor, indeed.

Bonus, no explanation necessary. I just can't get enough of this stuff.

Update: Don't miss the unofficial real translation of this song down in the comments section, courtesy In NJ.



#1 FMFF 03-Nov-2007
Great find Brian. Small FYI if you care: This isn't technically Bollywood. It is a Tamil movie from one of the South Indian states, which is a whole different animal than Bollywood. The male dancer goes by the name Prabhu Deva; and is considered to be very skilled dancer; his local nickname - 'boneless spring'. Youtube his name and you'll find a lot of similar videos, though they all might lack this hilarious subtitle.
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 03-Nov-2007

That is [i]really[/i] interesting to know—Thank you for sharing that with me. I do have one question, though: You wouldn't perchance know the actual translation of the main stanza, do you? We're dying to know over here!

"My loony bun is fine Benny Lava,
Minor Bun Engine Made Benny Lava"

I'll definitely be YouTube'ing him to see more. Oh, and Buffalax, wherever you are, my hat's off to you!

#3 In NJ 07-Nov-2007
Here are the first few actual lines from this song:

Kalluri vaanil kaindha nilaavo
Manavar nenjil meyndha nilaavo
En madi meedhu saindha nilaavo
Ennidam vandhu vaindha nilaavo

Let me know if you need literal translation as well.

The more I see this song with subtitles, more hilarious it gets.

This guy became famous from this song - [url][/url] - same video may be available with better audio under RELATED VIDEOS

this is another one that made this guy famous:

[url][/url] - Now this is a song that gets stuck in our heads and won't leave for a while.

These were from the early 90's.
#4 Brian C. Ledbetter 07-Nov-2007

Of [i]course[/i] I want a literal translation! I'm dying to know what they're [i]really[/i] saying! :)

Thanks for the new videos - I'm going to be checking those out as soon as I get outta this next meeting...

#5 In NJ 07-Nov-2007
As with a majority of contemporary Indian movie soundtracks, the lyrics doesn't make sense, and it might sound ridiculous even when not translated. And I'm not proficient in either language; Nevertheless, here's my best attempt:

[b]Kalluri vaanil kaaindha nilaavo[/b]
[i]Is this the moon that shines on the College Sky[/i]
Kalluri = College
Vaanil = on the sky
kaaindha = shining/shines/shine/shone
Nilaa = Moon; Nilaavo = querying

[b]Maanavar nenjil meyndha nilaavo[/b]
[i]Is this is the moon that grazed in students' hearts?[/i]
Maanavar = Students
Nenjil = In one's heart
Meyndha = Grazed

[b]En madi meedhu saaindha nilaavo[/b]
[i]Is this the moon that slanted on my lap?[/i]
En = My
Madi = Lap
Meedhu = on / upon
saaindha = slanted/inclined etc

[b]Ennidam vandhu vaaindha nilaavo[/b]
[i]Is this the moon that's meant for me?[/i] (or something to that effect)

Ennidam = With me
Vandhu = Came/Come
Vaaindha = arrived/reached etc

I'd like to see your humor applied to that second video I mentioned earlier. It'll be a blast. Enjoy.
#6 Brian C. Ledbetter 09-Nov-2007

Thanks for the translations! Somehow, it all makes sense now! :)

The second video is definitely catchy, though I'm no good at coming up with "translations" for it. I need to figure out a way to send it to Buffalax for "diagnosis..." but thank you kindly for sharing both of those with me - they'll be stuck in my head forever now.

Here's another one I found through Bx's YouTube page. It's a bit racy for a post all its own, but the music is [i]definitely[/i] hypnotic.

I can see how my weekend's going to get spent already. I am going to get [i]absolutely[/i] nothing done. D'oh!

Be sure to keep sending things along, if you ever run across something you think I'll like. You never know when a Slow Friday might pop up and surprise us again!

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