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Weblog Awards 2007: Voting is On

It looks like voting started today, so if you enjoy hopping around the blogs a lot, I highly recommend you pop on over to the official voting booth and vote for your faves. You can vote once per day, so don't think that you're off the hook after one visit.

In case you're looking for people to vote for, here are my personal choices:

Best Blog: Michelle Malkin
Best New Blog: Jammie Wearing Fool
Best Individual Blogger: Glenn Reynolds, The Anchoress
Funniest Blog: The Nose On Your Face
Best Conservative Blog: Michelle Malkin, Ace of Spades HQ, Powerline, Newsbusters
1-250: Gateway Pundit, My Pet Jawa
251-500: Israel Matzav



#1 Buckley F. Williams 05-Nov-2007
Thanks Brian! Much appreciated.
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