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A Continued Astroturfing

The Palestinian terror group Hamas continues yet again to trot out "oppressed" citizens before the cameras, in a desperate attempt to force Israel to open the borders into their territory. Nevermind the fact that (a) medical supplies into the Gaza Strip are not embargoed by the border closing, and (b) the only thing that Hamas has ever shown any interest in getting across the borders is weaponry.

Palestinians on wheelchairs take part in a protest calling for the end of Israeli sanctions on Gaza November 5, 2007, in order to get medical attention outside the Gaza Strip. REUTERS/Ismail Zaydah (GAZA)

Don't expect our spineless press to give you answers like this, though. It's much easier to stick to the idiotic David vs. Goliath script.
REUTERS/Ismail Zaydah (GAZA)

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