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Don't Forget to Vote!

If you live in Virginia, don't forget that today's the general election! If you care at all about how our Commonwealth is run, you'll definitely want to show up and vote today!

For those of you who live in Fairfax County, I can't ask you strongly enough to help us get Greg Baise elected as Chairman of the County Board of Supervisors, Jay O'Brien back in the State Senate, and to keep Steve Hunt on the school board.

Greg has repeatedly shown that he understands the problems our County is facing from illegal immigration far better than Gerry Connolly does. The County Board is the body that impacts our lives more strongly than any other government agency, so it's more important now than ever to get someone at the helm who knows what they're doing.

Thank you for taking the time to read this—we'll be continuing our regularly-scheduled programming shortly.

Update: Results from today's elections will be available here. Generally, tabulation starts instantly once the polls close. Barring any legal actions, complete results should be posted by around 11:30 PM tonight.

Too funny. I can only hope and pray that this is parody, and if not, that the rest of you will take it as seriously as I do. (Which is to say, not in the least.)



#1 LeCoqFou 06-Nov-2007
Garder courant votre bouche pendant que France recharge nos armes.
#2 Sonjay Dutt 06-Nov-2007
Je voterai seulement pour la Révolution française!
#3 LeCoqFou 06-Nov-2007
Je voterai seulement pour le candidat qui se rend au beau drapeau français.
#4 LeCoqFou 06-Nov-2007

Saluer la beauté du drapeau.
#5 Brian C. Ledbetter 06-Nov-2007
[i]Sacré bleu! Mon Dieu![/i]
#6 AmericanPigDog 06-Nov-2007
#7 In NJ 06-Nov-2007
For us in NJ, it is GRIP time
#8 LeCoqFou 06-Nov-2007
But I am le tired.
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