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Manufacturing the News

Michelle points out another incident where a major news agency has gone hunting for dastardly Republican intolerance in Birmingham, Alabama. I wonder why ABC News never sees fit to send an outspoken anti-homosexual protester into San Francisco to see what the Tolerant Elite think.

ABC is doing a social experiment in Birmingham that includes having same-sex couples show affection for each other in public, according to Birmingham police department sources.

FOX6 first learned about this story from a Southside merchant who pointed out an RV parked at the corner of 20th Street and 11th Avenue South. The merchant said ABC was working on a week-long project to see how people would react to things like public displays of affection by gay and lesbian couples. A FOX6 news reporter approached the RV and talked with an “actor” who said, “Yes, we are working for ABC News.”

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#1 captainfish 06-Nov-2007
hmmmm... ABC again rigging their experiments? Using actors? I wonder if they will do a true experiment? Will they have a heterosexual couple there as well showing affection? Will they have old people showing affection? how about mating dogs?

I agree Brian. Just another attack on normalcy. "Let's see how odd and intolerant these backwood hicks really are!"

I like your experiment.
#2 Cletus 10-Nov-2007
Let's bring a guy from Korea, and set him out on the corner, and have him butcher dogs and make soup out of them right in front of everyone. We'll do this in san francisco or some other equally leftarded city, and see how long it takes before some yuppie takes offense.

See how tolerent of other's cultures liberals really are
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