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It looks like I just got a letter from a new fan on one of our older stories:

I suspect that you are the one using this forum to distort reality. I know the story of the women and Beit Hanun and hundreds of men and children, including militants but mostly civilians were being trapped in that mosque by surrounding IDF forces. The women took the initative to try to save their families. If they are human shields-where are the militants they are protecting?? You do need the story to see that they are unarmed. Who are the ones who have the weapons here??

Your website is extremely dangerous, purporting to demystify news photgraphy for the poor ignorant public who can't figure it out for themselves while really your site is just another angry forum to dessiminate racism and hatred.

Actually Dangerous: Children don't invent violence like this on their own. No, the responsibility for their sickness ultimately lies with their parents.
For the record, and I can't even begin to recount to you exactly how many times I have to say this, I go to great lengths to be fair in all ways possible. I am not out to "hate" anybody in writing for this website, and I have no intention of "oppressing" anyone. The fact of the matter is that the press spends an exorbitant amount of time propagating lies told to them by terrorists and other West-hating groups in the Middle East, and I feel compelled to correct it wherever I can. If anyone ever brings something to my attention that contradicts what I'm saying, I never hesitate to admit my mistakes.

Regarding the story above, I cannot make it more clear: Hamas issued a call to local civilians—specifically women—to come out and "surround" (defend) the militants that were using that mosque as a war-staging zone. As the local population completely supports Hamas' genocidal policies, they did show up in droves to protect the terrorists, an action which allowed the terrorists to escape and kill again.

And I'm the racist for pointing out that this is unacceptable behaviour?

The world sinks to new lows on a daily basis.

  #Human Shields

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