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Islam Invented Everything

We've heard that Muslims discovered America ("Muslim Guy" is Bedier, incidentally), and now we discover that Islamic science invented everything—even scientific concepts which were invented before Islam. I can only say that this is further proof of God's sometimes-subtle sense of humour. Money quote courtesy The Elder:

Certainly there have been major contributions to various sciences by Islamic scientists, especially in the first half the the last millennium. But it does no one any favors to overstate or exaggerate this influence as if they are solely responsible for every major scientific breakthrough. And it is a bit hypocritical to try to discredit the achievements of non-Muslim scientists on the grounds that they were somewhat influenced by Islamic science, and not to credit the science that pre-dates Islam for influencing Islamic science itself.

Oh, that reminds me—the Elder has an excellent series on why theories like this never cease to be popular in the Muslim world. It's definitely worth a read!



#1 Phil Sanni 06-Nov-2007
Ha ! Very funny. Muslims wouldn't even begin to know how to invent the explosives their suicide bombers blow the rest of the world up with.

Reminds me of a very interesting debate between two muslims I saw once on here:
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 06-Nov-2007

That really [i]is[/i] a fascinating video—thanks for sharing it with us! I hadn't seen that one before. :)

#3 forest 06-Nov-2007
Bedier is even worse than Hooper. Ugh.

Well anyway, this type of thinking is infesting science and history programs - especially those produced by the BBC. No matter the subject, they go out of their way to say how advanced Islam used to be and how enlightened the Caliphs allegedlywere etc, while constantly reminding the viewers how backward Europe was at one time and how brutal the Romans were - and on an on.

It doesn't matter if the program is about the nature of light, the history of Spain, the plague or the history of math. It's always the same propaganda.
#4 Cletus 10-Nov-2007
I saw an article on the net once (i forget where, I've been trying to find it again and I can't) where this guy makes a surprisingly good case for white males inventing almost everything since like 800 b.c

if someone can find it, it is awesome
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