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The Party of the Rich

The Washington Times reported on Friday that a new study proves that the Democratic party is genuinely the "party of the rich."

No, really?

Who would've guessed that a bunch of people who have already made their money would want to prevent others from being able to keep their earnings? Of course, it's not like it's hard to identify which party the ginormous trust funds prefer. I challenge you to find a group with as much money as these to throw around—that isn't funded by somebody's old family trust.



#1 soccer dad 26-Nov-2007
You think that this:
is a response to your post?
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 26-Nov-2007
Naw—I'm sure Hernandez wrote the bulk of that article as soon as the Washington [i]Times[/i] reported the study on Friday.

It's not like this is news to anybody: Look at [i]every single trust fund[/i] that has any amount of money in it, and you'll find that literally [i]billions[/i] of dollars are being funneled into boutique Leftist causes. Not a [i]single[/i] fund supports conservative politics, with the sole exception of Scaife, a bogeyman from the 80's at the [i]latest[/i].

#3 soccer dad 26-Nov-2007
I meant that it was in response to the article you were citing. I was careless.
#4 Brian C. Ledbetter 26-Nov-2007
Heh, of course that would make more sense. I blame my misunderstanding on lack of coffee, as always. My bad! ;)

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