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Paris is Burning (Again?)

It will definitely be interesting to see what, if anything, President Nicolas Sarkozy does about this now that he's in power. As you'll recall, he was roundly critiqued for taking a tough stance against lawlessness last time around.

The police car that crashed into a motorcycle driven by two teenagers 25 November 2007 in Villiers-le-Bel, outside Paris. A French judge has ordered a manslaughter inquiry after the death of two teenagers in a crash with police sparked a night of rioting in a flashpoint Paris suburb.(AFP/Martin Bureau)

It's interesting to note that a French prosecutor has ordered an internal investigation for what's described as, "involuntary manslaughter and failure to assist persons in danger," yet it was the bike that smashed into the patrol car, and even according to local witnesses, "neither youth was wearing a helmet." Locals accuse the police of fleeing the scene of an accident, which obviously is not an appropriate thing to do, yet the area in which this incident occurred isn't exactly notorious for its "kind" treatment of officers of the law, much like the hostility shown towards the law by drug dealers in Southeast D.C.

Also note that in their supposed anger at the police, the locals chose to attack innocent bystanders:

Officials said there were reports of "small groups attacking shops, passers-by and car drivers" to rob them. One suspect was arrested carrying jewelry from a looted store.

Gee, I wonder which side is being honest in this little encounter...?


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