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Ambulance Chasers, Pallywood-Style

Many thanks to The Augean Stables (via Ace of Spades HQ) for this little laugh. I'm disappointed to learn that the video's nearly a year old—How in the world did I miss this one the first time around?

  #Human Shields


#1 Yishai 26-Nov-2007
heh. They should hit 'wounded' 'civilians' with cars more often! Look how much better he is feeling after being flummoxed by a Peugeot!

Before: needs to be carried and is flaccid (TMI).
After: moving around great! Our flaccid friend even does a quick little sit-up to show his co-workers he has been miraculously cured by the sky-blue pansy van (maybe it was UN related?).
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 26-Nov-2007

I think you might be on to something... Perhaps this [i]would[/i] make an interesting miracle cure for any ailment that happens to be bothering you—it definitely seems to work for the "injured" "civilian" in the clip above!

I might consider suggesting this remedy for [i]American[/i] ambulance chasers, but that would be a different subject entirely... ;)

#3 Cletus 26-Nov-2007
for some reason I'm not getting sound on youtube videos, I haven't been for the past few days. It works for everything else, games and music and movies, but I can't hear anything on youtube

anyone have any ideas why? it's pretty annoying
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