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Rage Watch: Norwegian Memoir Insults the Prophet

It's really interesting to see the Islamic Council's reaction to this:—Their first move is to ask that Norwegian muslims not act in an "unsuitable" way. As if that's ever been a problem before?

The outrage.
A passage where the controversial Hagen calls the prophet Mohammed a warlord, man of violence and abuser of women has, unsurprisingly, caused offense.

"That the Islamic council is disappointed and angry and furious is as expected. I had more or less counted on this to happen when I wrote that," Hagen told newspaper Vårt Land.

Norway's Islamic Council asked Norwegian Muslims to refrain from reacting to Hagen's book.

Hagen's remarks come in connection with the massive trouble linked to the publication of caricatures of the prophet Mohammed.

Hagen writes that the government's handling of the matter led to freedom of speech "taking a back seat to respect for the warlord, man of violence and woman abuser Mohammed, who murdered and accepted rape as a method of conquest".

"If one puts religious feelings high, one cannot remain indifferent to such talk," said Islamic Council Norway leader Senaid Kobilica to Vårt Land.

The council is now working on a statement taking exception to Hagen's remarks and asking Norwegian Muslims not to react in an unsuitable way.

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#1 forest 09-Nov-2007
"The council is now working on a statement taking exception to Hagen's remarks..."

Great! I've been waiting for someone to explain how Muhammad was not "a warlord, man of violence and abuser of women". Once they convincingly contradict the Islamic texts that clearly say he was all those things, we might just be able to get along.

Or maybe they will just claim victimhood and make counter-acustations instead.
#2 Phil Sanni 09-Nov-2007
They're gonna be throwing a hissy fit all around the world any moment now. Watch out for the wholesale thrashing of MacDonalds outlets in Pakistan.
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