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How Not To Operate a Rocket Launcher

Sorry it's been so quiet around here—I've been scrambling to get yet another set of "Urgent" to-do items completed at the office. Ah, the joys of running around in the hamster wheel of work! So, until I'm able to catch back up with what's going on, here's a little bundle of fun:

It goes without saying that it is generally not a good idea to operate a rocket launcher at point blank range.

Thanks to Ian for the laugh!



#1 Cletus 13-Nov-2007

I hope the hostage made sudden movement and the asshole fired

R.I.P hostage, fucking LAWLZ to the rest of you tusken raiders
#2 Phil Sanni 13-Nov-2007
I'm guessing these are Nigerian Militants from the Delta region. They too take hostages, although they've never been known to behead any. Which puts them a class above your typical Islamic terrorist kidnapper assholes, I guess.
#3 DJM 13-Nov-2007
Lol, excellent photo! I linked it with some accompanying video. :)
#4 captainfish 15-Nov-2007
You know, its like, they are gonna kill me anyway. Why not go out in a blaze of glory and take a few of them scumbags with me.

Just jump up and grab that grenade launcher and hope the safety is off.

Poof. Say good bye to 7 bad guys and one bad guy photog.

I know my parents would be pleased I took out 8 scumbags from this earth.
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