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What's an "Ethnic" American?

It's the hot new P.C. guessing game: Can you figure out what the term "Ethnic" American means?

You're going to have to click over here to find out what the answer is. (h/t JunkYardBlog)



#1 captainfish 14-Nov-2007
a non-white, or non-conservative american who is in touch with their metro-sexual side? knows where all the sheek neuvo artsy fartsy events are? knows how to give to the right charities?
#2 captainfish 15-Nov-2007
hehehee.. I used your "Back to website" link. thanks.

I also just clicked on your link to find out the meaning. OMG.. That is in my home state. I knew of the controversy going around and how some collegiate student groups are ready to protest the reps who refused the quran.. but didn't think the Ethnic Organization was entirely MUSLIM!?!? OMG. Doesn't ethnic usually mean something close to "native"?? a native who is touch with their cultural heritage?

Guess I was wrong. It means Muslims who are trying to take over another country's culture and laws.
#3 forest 15-Nov-2007
I guess it means Muslims who happen to be American too, but are Muslim first. Kinda like "European-Muslims" and "American-Muslims" - it doesn't mean the same thing as "Muslim-European" and "Muslim-American".

Anyway, it looks like a double flim-flam. They're obfuscating the primacy of the Muslim identity, and trying to get a false status of "ethnicity" involved. Too bad for them neither "Muslim" nor "American" is an ethnicity. Well, I guess American is an ethnicity for Native Americans, but I'm guessing these folks aren't N.A., so it doesn't apply.
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