The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Internet Rule #1

One should always do their best to ensure minimal access to make changes to public-facing systems.

A rule which was apparently ignored by some protest group in Oregon.

Big kudos to AOSHQ for their stunning victory over internet calendars! I'm reposting the screenshot of the calendar below, as the server is acting a bit dodgy right now. I echo Ace's dire warning: If you do make it through to the calendar website, do not click on any of the event links. Trust me on this.

Update: Schadenfreude, x2. Or, as Aceitler puts it, Lebensraumen!

It's not like these folks don't have what's coming to them.

Pure Calendar Pwnage by Ace of Spades HQ.

Click to zoom. Warning: it's huge.



#1 Cletus 15-Nov-2007
epic win
#2 captainfish 17-Nov-2007
You see the pics of the "mom" holding her baby on her shoulders while she sat in front of one of the big trucks? She had her baby and her two boys with her. All dressed up like proper seditionists. She even dropped her baby onto the road, face first.

Meanwhile.. still no charges have been filed. Not even against this "mom" for putting her children in danger. Since no one has been charged with anything.... this will just happen again and again.
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