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Happy Bollywood Friday

Three cheers for "busy with meetings" Fridays. To tide you over, here's a little glimpse at what the Wild West would've looked like, if it came from Bollywood.

If y'all want to put some Buffalax-style lyrics to this puppy, just slap 'em down in the comments section. I'd love to hear 'em!

Bonus round: I can't embed it, so you'll have to click over—It's time for today's Prabhu Deva Mayhem Minute(s).



#1 In NJ 18-Nov-2007
Just so you know, the music composer for the first song is a Muslim, but he isn't the violent jihadi kind. Read about him here

There are more than 100 comments for this video on LGF.

#2 In NJ 18-Nov-2007
Also, these too aren't from bollywood. They are Tamil as well.
#3 Brian C. Ledbetter 18-Nov-2007

Thanks for the details, as always! One of these days, I'll figure out how to tell the Tamil ones from the Bollywood ones... If you know of any Secret Tips™ on how to do that, just let me know! :)

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