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Unmovable Object Meets Un-Fazeable Fist

Wow, this is shaping up to be a colossal battle of historic proportions. Will the Earth bear witness to an all-out battle between the legendary Chuck Norris and the undefeatable Fred Thompson? Mountains will surely fall before them. (h/t Vixen)



#1 captainfish 19-Nov-2007

"Chuck Norris Approved"

Actually, if Huck were stronger on immigration laws while he ran his own office, had better records on taxes, (and I am unsure of his record on life) I would support him more.

Right now my bonnet is in Hunter's ring. After that, there's Fred and Huck.

Something about this commercial though that struck me strange. It is a "fun" commercial but neither cracked a smile.
#2 Captain Lewis 20-Nov-2007
Really like the commercial -- found it hilarious. However, like the previous commenter have some hesitation regarding Huck's record/past. But, it takes balls to produce and air a spot like that -- there's a real risk of becoming the Republicans' Gravel.
#3 Hapkido 24-Nov-2007
I liked the Huckabee commercial. It's hard to take it that seriously, but there is something to be said for applying a little humor to the election cycle.
The only humor I see from liberals is unintentional at best: "I believe" is normally the start of the joke. The omitted qualifier, of course, is "...whatever the polls tell me to believe". :-)
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