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AP Photographer Bilal Hussein: Charges Pending

This is not news, this is propaganda.
It would seem that the United States government is bringing charges against Associated Press photographer Bilal Hussein, who has been under arrest in Iraq since 2006. Much of what happened to Hussein came about before I began my foray into blogging, so rather than rehash all of it, I'll point you to the experts for the background on his situation. I will note that there are a significant number of photographers (i.e., a majority thereof) in the Palestinian territories that I think would fit the same general description as Hussein. They have crossed over some figurative line, and are no longer "covering" the news. Rather than being impartial, they are doing nothing more than repeating verbatim the propaganda of the anti-Western elements of the terrorist world. While one could certainly argue that they are well within their rights to side with hostile terrorist groups, I think it is absolutely a crime that their propaganda continues to be carried on the West's news wires as fact. If these reporters were working for Nazi Germany, do you think the Associated Press would have carried their work as eagerly as the AP does that of the Palestinian terrorists?

I will say this:—It would seem that terrorists the world over have yet another reason to fear the name of Dr. Rusty Shackleford. Congratulations, Rusty! Keep up the great work!

As promised, here are what the experts are saying: Michelle Malkin, Bryan Preston, LGF, Dan Riehl, Sweetness & Light, Pat Dollard, Stop the ACLU, Powerline Blog, Gateway Pundit, Confederate Yankee.

Full background here.

For some good examples of Palestinian photojournalists aiding and abetting sworn enemies of the West, see Kevin Frayer, Mohammed Salem, Ibraheem Abu Mustafa, Mohammed Ballas.

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Now you mention it, I've just finished watching a video on the famous Al Dura incident. Real eye opener. You can watch it here:
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