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CNN: Fairish and (Mostly) Balanced

I watched the CNN/Youtube debate with the Hot Air crew last night, and had a good time of it. The candidates all came across as fairly wishy-washy, though I must say I was impressed by Huck, Thompson, and Romney. Well, other than Huckabee's declaration that, "It's not always a bad thing to raise taxes." Yeesh.

It was really interesting to see that a handful of Democratic plants were selected by CNN to present questions to the Republican candidates. Not that there's anything wrong with The Fern Lobby, but at least when you present your obviously agenda-driven question to the candidates, you could identify yourself honestly as a Democratic activist... rather than an "undecided" voter, or as a "Log Cabin" Republican.

I highly recommend hanging out with Hot Air for the debate, btw. It's awesome to see the light bulbs go off over Michelle's head when she notices something on the program.



#1 Quinn 29-Nov-2007
This kind of thing still surprises me when I hear about it!

I think its just the idea that CNN believes they could get away with it without really trying to cover their tracks.

Anyways, this idea that the states ought to decide whether or not to legalize the killing of innocent babies is inherently vile and evil. Anyone who makes such an argument (like Ron Paul, Fred Thompson, etc.) is by definition a bad person.

To get a better idear of what I'm talking about check out this analysis of Ron Paul's response to a question asked on YouTube about abortion a few months back.
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