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Shifting Targets


A wounded Palestinian policeman loyal to Hamas movement is carried after an Israeli missile targeted their position in the southern Gaza Strip November 28, 2007. Israeli missiles that struck a Hamas security position in the southern Gaza Strip killed two Hamas naval police officers on Wednesday, Hamas and Palestinian medical workers said. REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa (GAZA)


Palestinians attend the funeral of four Hamas fighters in the southern Gaza Strip November 29, 2007. Israel killed four Hamas fighters in two air strikes in the south of the Gaza Strip on Thursday, Hamas officials and Palestinian medical staff said. REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa (GAZA)

Gee, what ever happened to all of that business about Israel hitting a "police position?"

And thus, the crocodile tears flowed immediately forth.

Update: Aha, that explains it!

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#1 Kevin 29-Nov-2007
[i]"the IAF will attack a random Hamas target in Gaza every time a mortar shell or rocket hits an Israeli community, and will no longer limit itself to striking the terrorists who launched the rockets."[/i]

'Bout $^@#%^ time!
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