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Extreme Irony

It would appear that the Hezbollah-supporting students of Lebanon are sorely lacking a supreme sense of irony as well. Notice what the text on their banners says, and then compare it to how their cowardly hero behaves—particularly with respect to "guns:"

Lebanese University students and Hezbollah supporters, hold banners that read in Arabic: 'Your delegation, Saniora, doesn't represent us' and 'The fate of nations is decided with guns' as they protest against the Annapolis conference, in the southern city of Sidon, Lebanon Thursday, Nov. 29, 2007. Lebanon moved closer to a deal for army chief Gen. Michel Suleiman to become the next president in the first signs of a breakthrough between its divided factions, after the Annapolis conference eased tensions between their main backers, the United States and Syria. (AP Photo/Mohammed Zaatari)

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#1 Phil Sanni 29-Nov-2007
Pointless rabble.
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