The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

It's Planting Season, indeed...

From the brilliant Bryan Preston over at Hot Air:

Ah, this video is from the Democratic debate a while back. It's still new to me, so hopefully there are a couple of you out there that haven't seen it, too. I hope Hot Air puts together a similar feature for last night's little shindig.

Update: CNN is truly a joke. I personally don't have any problem with seeding the Democratic party's debate with Democratic staffers, as the whole point of these intra-party debates is to debate in front of your base.

What I don't understand is why CNN would think that it's acceptable use Democratic activists in the Republican debate... I mean, I don't exactly recall seeing any Republican activists during the DNC debate—do you?

'Course, I do remember some sort of brouhaha over Fox News hosting a debate that's sounding remarkably similar to this. Which one was it that was the party of crybabies again?

Oh yeah... That one.



#1 Phil Sanni 29-Nov-2007
Twenty seconds into this and I'm nauseated. Where's Al Qaeda when you need them ?
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