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Kids and Not-So-Toy Guns?

The Augean Stables is suggesting that yesterday's toy gun-toting child might actually have been toting a real gun. I'll pass this one on to the experts and see what they say—I'm not convinced either way. What do you think? Feel free to share your expertise with us down in the comments.

Is this gun more real than it appears? (AP Photo/Hatem Moussa)

Thanks to Hard Rain for pointing this out!

Incidentally, I am leaning towards the gun being a toy. Do real guns have big divots for screws in the side like this? By my guesstimate, this is a point where the plastic components of the "gun" are screwed together:

Sorry guys, but this looks like a toy to me.

Update: Augean Stables has removed their original blog entry, so I can only assume that we were on the mark here. Like I said in the comments over there, it's not like we don't have enough examples of Palestinian children using real guns to go around...

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#1 Captain Lewis 27-Nov-2007
I don't know enough about firearms to say -- but that toy gun sure has gotten a lot of use! Those little rascals sure do enjoy playing cops and robbers.
#2 Mike 27-Nov-2007
It's a toy gun. Probably an old airsoft rifle. The selector switch is missing (that's the hole in the enhanced picture). Also the grip on a real m4 is hollow, an airsoft grip houses the motor, you can even see the screw used to tune the motor.

Also the ACOG scope is on backwards and held on by tape!

But kids with fake guns isn't a new thing.
#3 HH Lomax 27-Nov-2007
It is a toy. The selector switch is missing as is the charging handle. There are no front and rear take down pins, nor provisions (holes) for them. The trigger is too short for am M4/M16 trigger. The delta ring at the rear of the handguard has no gap between it and the upper/lower receiver to allow it to be pulled to the rear to remove the handguards. I could go on but there is no need to.
#4 Brian C. Ledbetter 27-Nov-2007
I knew the experts would find their way here sooner or later! Thanks for confirming my suspicions, guys!

Semper fi!
#5 Yishai 28-Nov-2007
Beating a dead horse:

It's a toy gun. The proportions are way too small (handle, trigger, etc.) and it would be too heavy for the kid to hold with one hand. But that magazine sure looks believable...
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