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Paris Riots, Day 3

It looks like the riots continued last night in France, with over a thousand police officers deployed to try and quell the unrest. There are some signs that, as in the previous two flare-ups, the riots are spreading to other "disadvantaged" areas in town. And, just as quickly as ever, the traditional meme that these "youths" are somehow rioting because they're discriminated against is already being bandied about, yet it would seem to me that the fact that these "disadvantaged" enclaves even exist suggests that these people are getting more than enough help (in the form of "social welfare") from the government. I'd even go so far to say that they're unemployed in such high proportion because they would rather not work, and collect the resulting welfare payments.

But hey, what do I know?

Finally, the all-knowing Frogman speaks! You'll definitely want to hear what Le Expert has to say. But first, a taste:

Anybody with half an interest for the pathetic doings and wrongdoings of the French political caste(1) will remember then Minister of the Interior(2) Sarkozy's chest-beating promise hurled back at a Paris suburb resident upset with the Summer 2005(3) state of affairs in the occupied Banlieue strip to "clean it all up with a Kärcher", a best-selling German high-pressure hosing appliance, among other well-known tough-talk by the future President of La République.(4)

As always with Sarkozy, this genuine incarnation of the "All style, no substance" motto often attributed to the French at large(5), the cleaning spree never came, and rather than Police forces with high pressure washers, the streets were first flooded with taxpayer funded entertainment centers and sport complexes quickly trashed by the "disaffected youth", lavish subsidies to various acteurs sociaux, leftist NGOs and Islamic associations on the false premises and promises that they would fix things over there, before they had, as it becomes obvious today, to be once again cauterized by torching at the hand of the aforementioned youth, a politically correct shortcut for "Young French Muslims of Mostly Arab and African descent".


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#1 LeCoqFou 28-Nov-2007
Si vous gardez de mensonge postant de France glorieuse, je serai forcé à prendre la violence rapide contre votre pays pathétique !
#2 Yishai 28-Nov-2007
In English:
"If you keep posting lies of French glory, I will be forced to take prompt violence against your pathetic country!"

Sweet. A "Youth"-ful reader!
#3 Xuxi St Taurie 28-Nov-2007
Now that the 'disadvantaged' welfare claimants have access to hunting rifles and shotguns surely it is now time for the French Government to order it's armed forces into these area's and exterminate anyone carrying a weapon. The rioters has shown an eager willingness to attempt to murder police officers so they should face the prospect of dealing with professional soldiers armed with powerful assault rifles. It's going to get to this stage at some point in the future anyway, so why wait? Take the bastards out now before they start tooling up with AK47's and RPG's. I can see Paris becoming like Beirut if this is not confronted and fast.
#4 Cletus 28-Nov-2007
I really don't like Islam

you should all go to

watch that documentary

it is 100% fact

send it to anyone who you care about

anyone who you don't want enslaved by Islam

I think my life work is going to be involved with stopping this vile mind rot known as "Islam". I don't feel as passionately about anything else(and anything else I DO have passion for isn't an international issue)

Anyway, I figured out that Islam is just a cancer. Cancer works by invading your body, and converting your cells to cancer. Any cells that arent mutated successfully into cancer die. Then the once-healthy host succumbs to the disease.

Sound familiar?
#5 Cletus 28-Nov-2007
the guy who posted in french, his name translates into "the insane cock"

Depending on what he means by cock, he is entirely accurate
#6 Sonjay Dutt 29-Nov-2007
Le coq insensé a raison! Les Etats-Unis sont un cochon pathétique en comparaison du grand pays français et la jeunesse merveilleuse qui réside dans.

Nous faisons du tapage pour notre paix, vous salissez des baises!
#7 Cletus 03-Dec-2007
LOL @ calling the U.S a pathetic pig compared to France. The U.S would completely destroy France if they wanted to, along with any of those shitty islamic countries and the pathetic pigs that inhabit them

Stick to your french forums, don't come over here and dirty up good Brians comments with your bitch speak.

And if anyone thinks I'm being bigoted, try living in a country where FRENCH IS FUCKING EVERYWHERE. You'd hate it too if you had to take it in school for 4 years
#8 Sonjay Dutt 03-Dec-2007
Cletus, je souhaite pour France pour chier sur cette visage laide du vôtre. Notre pays ne sera jamais repris par vous les cochons dégoûtants!

La France en vie longue vous idiot de première, je vous punirai sévèrement avec ma baguette vous salissez la dévergondée.
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