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Parcel Bombing in Paris?

France24 is reporting that a parcel bomb has exploded in a former law office of President Nicolas Sarkozy, killing a legal assistant in the office. No word yet on if any groups are responsible for this attack, though there is one group in all of France that's particularly vocal about how they feel about Sarkozy.

Teenagers riot as police (off) fire tear gas 26 November 2007 in Villiers-le-Bel, outside Paris. A second night of riots by youths in a Paris suburb has left more than 80 police injured, buildings gutted and France facing heightened tensions in towns ringing the capital.(AFP/Olivier Laban-Mattei)

(Of course, there are plenty of other suspects to go around, so I won't dwell too long on the possible "Youths" connection. The package was also reportedly "addressed to someone on a different floor from the one where Sarkozy's old firm is located," so take all of this for what it's worth.)

Update: Parisian blogger No Pasaran has more on this story:

UPDATE: Reports now indicate that two likely targets are located in the building where the explosion took place. A law firm co-founded by Nicolas Sarkozy and a Holocaust Memorial Foundation ("Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah").

Maybe there is more to the theory that this is our rioting "youths?"

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#1 Sonjay Dutt 06-Dec-2007
Vous les Anglais, faites ne vous osez pas la blâme la jeunesse française pour tel un acte! Vous pouvez dire clairement que les idiots qui ont commis un tel crime étaient des Néandertals américains, pas nous Français paisibles qui rien ne souhaitent plus que voir que le pays des Etats-Unis périt.

La France en vie longue, les chiennes!
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