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Waste & Mediocrity

Paul Fletcher over at VLW has pointed out that the College of William & Mary has, after sending $7,000 to a New York (!) firm, unveiled its inspiring new logo:


Okay, setting aside the absurdity of anyone finding a feather in the school's logo to be offensive (even though the native tribes of the Commonwealth have endorsed the use of the team name, and not a single one of them complained about the "tasteful" feather logo), Phill asks if there really isn't anything else in the College's 300 year history that's worth commemorating in logo form. Heck, one of the former logos even used the weather vane on top of the iconic Wren Building as a feature.

Of course, I also noticed that the College chose a firm in New York to design the logo. Are there really no marketing agencies here in the Commonwealth that the College feels are up to the task of designing a logo for such a distinguished institution? Alternately, it's not like the Corporation stinks at graphic design either, guys... And while I may not be able to speak for any of the firms I linked above, I would be willing to bet dollars to donuts that any one of them would gladly design the College's new logo for free as a tribute to the importance of the College in our Commonwealth's history. That'd be one way to save on tuition expenditures, would it not?

As far as the design goes, I think the College should choose a logo that's a little bit more in step with its recent history: Under the leadership of President Gene Nichol—the Dean of Political Correctness, if there ever was one—the school has managed to offend nearly everyone this past year, by removing a small bronze cross from the Wren Chapel, a building which was built as an Anglican chapel 275 years ago, and houses a burial crypt to some of the College's early (Christian) leaders. By using the Cross in the College's logo, at least students would be reminded on a daily basis how low the College can sink under such inconsiderate hands.

After all, as the old saying goes: There's no publicity like bad publicity. Right, Gene?

There, that's more like it.

Yeah, it stinks, but it's the result of only 5 minutes in Photoshop. If you don't like it, be sure to give the Gene Nichol edition a try.



#1 DJM 10-Dec-2007
I don't understand why colleges don't turn to the student body for designs. Surely, there must be some creative, artistic students in one of those Art, Film, Philosophy, and computer courses.

Side note: The college offers a course called "Introduction to Islam" taught by a woman who claims to have studied "Human Rights Law." I guess the Sharia isn't a part of the course...
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