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On Apartheid Policies

Remember when Condoleeza Rice went to great lengths [Ed.:—Sorry, got sidetracked before I could add this link.] to compare the Palestinians supposed "plight" to that faced by African Americans in years long past? Yeah, you just knew that the truth would be something more along these lines:

This week the Bush Administration legitimized Arab anti-Semitism. In an effort to please the Saudis and their Arab brothers, the Bush administration agreed to physically separate the Jews from the Arabs at the Annapolis conference in a manner that aligns with the apartheid policies of the Arab world which prohibit Israelis from setting foot on Arab soil.

Evident everywhere, the discrimination against Israel received its starkest expression at the main assembly of the Annapolis conference on Tuesday. There, in accordance with Saudi demands, the Americans prohibited Israeli representatives from entering the hall through the same door as the Arabs.

At the meeting of foreign ministers on Wednesday, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni called her Arab counterparts to task for their discriminatory treatment. "Why doesn't anyone want to shake my hand? Why doesn't anyone want to be seen speaking to me?" she asked pointedly.

Israel's humiliated foreign minister did not receive support from her American counterpart. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who spent her childhood years in the segregated American South, sided with the Arabs. Although polite enough to note that she doesn't support the slaughter of Israelis, she made no bones about the fact that her true sympathies lie with the racist Arabs.

(h/t Carl in Jerusalem)



#1 Kevin 02-Dec-2007
Remember back in the '50s when black people wanted equal rights, and we gave them their very own country, and then they shot missiles at us from that very country for the next decade?

Yeah, I don't either. Condoleeza is screwing us.
#2 Hard Rain 02-Dec-2007
Coming from the perspective of someone who lived through the final years of South African Apartheid- the behaviour of the Arabs at the summit mirrors that of the white Apartheid regime to a tee. Condoleeza Rice, a free American, and an African American who lived through the days of segregation as well should be ashamed.
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