The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

You've Got Better Things to Do

... fortunately, the guys over at The Nose On Your Face do not. This one's definitely going to make a couple of people quite angry:

Worth a fatwa or two?



#1 DJM 03-Dec-2007
Lol, my favorite is the Magic Eight Ball. I'd buy one. :)
#2 LeCoqFou 03-Dec-2007
DJM vous êtes le pénis d'un cheval un idiot américain typique. Vous libérer la Statue de Liberté, la Volaille ignorante !
#3 Sonjay Dutt 03-Dec-2007
J'achèterais une magie huit balle et le lance à votre visage, DJM!
#4 RH Potfry 03-Dec-2007
Thanks for the link, Brian.

And, my French is bad, but I am guessing that post #2 isn't positive. I see "penis," "idiot Americain" and "ignorante."

RH Potfry
#5 Brian C. Ledbetter 03-Dec-2007
Always a pleasure, Potfry!

Hehe, yeah, that wouldn't surprise me in the least—They're still upset at me because I used to beat up on 'em in Battlefield 1942. Back in the day, any server in France was comedy [i]gold![/i] Their occasional rants definitely makes life more interesting over here on the blog... It's right up there with my ongoing dispute with Hezbullah, in fact... ;)

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