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All the Welfare in the World

There appears to be some kind of inverse correlation between the amount of money a State spends on welfare "for the poor," and the happiness experienced by the recipients of said welfare. As Jim points out, the heavily socialist New England states rank the lowest in the nation in terms of how "happy" their poor are.

Could it be that Captain Smith was on to something when he demanded that those who can work—should work?

Who would've guessed it?

"I would've. Now fear ye my beard!" (Image courtesy Encyclopedia Britannica)



#1 forest 03-Dec-2007
Open-ended welfare and especially public housing destroy cities.
#2 LeCoqFou 03-Dec-2007
Si vous les Américains étaient plus gentils et légers comme le français brillant, vous vous occuperiez de vos propres gens. Tout vous faites êtes écoute pour noircir la musique et tue ! Forest, vous êtes un vrai pénis de cheval. La France en vie longue.
#3 Sonjay Dutt 03-Dec-2007
Les Américains bêtes qui ne peuvent pas permettre habiter une vie décente. Venir, transfère à la France, où l'argent est libre et les femmes sont abondantes.
#4 forest 03-Dec-2007

I don't speak French, but I am curious about them thar French suburban housing projects. They working out OK?
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