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Human Rights, Dictator-Style

We were discussing the distinct lack of interest displayed by the Associated Press in the anti-dictatorial protests in Cuba yesterday.

I didn't know it at the time, but there are a number of breathless headlines this morning, shouting something about Cuba's "historic" decision to sign on to the United Nations "Human Rights" accord. (Okay, so the United Nations isn't exactly the best example of defending "Human Rights," but we'll save that joke for later... Though I must say, I'm very proud to see that at least one newspaper has gotten the story exactly right!)

So, with all of these breathless headlines, one must now wonder: How seriously does Cuba take its new commitment to "human rights?"

Yeah, you guessed it—While demonstrators were out in the streets, marching against the Cuban dictatorship and for "human rights," the regime sent out busloads of goons to give them the ol' "human rights" one-two:

Government-paid goon "manhandling" pro-"human rights" protester. Classy.

For the record, the Associated Press still has not published any photographs of the anti-Castro protests on the wires, that I've seen. As always, the AP can't be concerned with any abuse of human rights committed by its dictatorial allies.

(h/t Babalú Blog)


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