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Not a Hate Crime: U.K. Edition

Ye champions of the Cult of "Diversity," be ye proud of your faith:

Three Asian racists were convicted at the Old Bailey today of shattering a man's skull because he was white.

Sodrul Islam, 23, Delwar Hussain, 21, and Mamoon Hussain, 20, were found guilty of attempted murder for the attack on John Payne, 33.

Up to 30 Asians set upon the victim and his friends for drinking in a pub on the Clichy estate in Stepney, which the gang considered to be their turf.

They shouted insults including "white honkies" at the five people who dared to walk through. [Ed.:—Let's be clear: They were attacked for walking through sovereign English soil. As Englishmen.]

Mr Payne was then felled with a machete and the gang repeatedly punched and kicked him as he lay helpless on the ground.

Fortnuately, it would appear that Mr. Payne has survived, though he's now plagued by health problems caused by the attack. The three racist scum will be sentenced in January, though with England's track record as of late, I don't expect that they should be afraid of facing too much punishment...



#1 forest 11-Dec-2007
Have any other papers reported on this besides the Daily Mail? It seems odd that nobody else would pick up the story.
#2 fidothedog 11-Dec-2007
No matter the time they get sent down for, knock one third off at least due to our policy of letting out criminals due to not enough prison places.
#3 Brian C. Ledbetter 12-Dec-2007

One thing's for sure: [url=]the Beeb ain't [i]touching[/i] this story[/url]. How's [i]that[/i] for being fair and balanced?

#4 forest 12-Dec-2007

I thought maybe my search skills were just too poor to turn up other articles on the ruling, but I guess there just weren't any.

I wonder what the Ministry of Truth would have reported if the ethnicities had been reversed?
#5 Brian C. Ledbetter 12-Dec-2007
Weeping and gnashing, my friend. Weeping and gnashing.

#6 shamz 13-Dec-2007
this aint true honestly speakin half there things the aint true this 3 men are not racist why would the cal out racist comments when they been brought up in the same area as john payne for the past 12 to 13 years thats abit stupid and if people has common sence then they wuldnt make assumptions....just cause there bengali and they hit an white man thats why it in this site why isnt the any asains that got beatin up seriously in this site in any newspaper and thats when you can see the blatant racisim...
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