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Cuban Pwnage

Wow, who knew that this would end up being Cuba Week around here?

Apparently, one of the most popular TV presenters in the entire Isle de Originalidad has defected to the United States—and, lo and behold, he's saying many of the same things that we on the genuinely reality-based side of the political divide have been saying for years:

Otero, 49, asked for political asylum on Monday at the U.S. border with Canada, where he was producing a television show in Toronto. He was travelling with his wife and two children.

His interview show on Sunday evenings was one of the most viewed in Communist Cuba.

"I hope to earn a living in exile and see my children grow up with the opportunity to study what they want, without having to agree with the system," Otero told the Nuevo Herald.

Otero said Cuba was "frozen in time" and Cubans lived in great uncertainty over their country's future since Cuban leader Fidel Castro fell ill and dropped from public view 16 months ago.

The humorist said he pre-taped his traditional New Year's Eve show before leaving for Toronto, but does not expect Cuba to air the program.

Crackdowns on dissent? Brought to you by George Bush's America Fidel Castro's Cuba. Imagine that.

(h/t FR; Read more about Otero here and here.)


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